TV Aerial Repairs - Brighton & Hove

TV aerials can be damaged due to a number of reasons including: Storm damage, wind damage, maintenance work and weathering.

TV aerial repair is a key service we offer our customers.

If you're not sure how a TV aerial works, here is a quick overview...
The way a TV aerial works is simple: a TV aerial is made of metal and this carries electromagnetic waves as signals to the TV set in your home. These electromagnetic waves make small electrical currents in the antenna. The TV set then amplifies this signal and receives the information that carries vision and sound. This then lets us watch TV.  

There are slight differences between an analogue and digital aerial. Analogue TV signals transmit one channel onto one carrier.  Digital aerial transmissions can fit a lot more data into the one carrier. This means there is more accessible bandwidth and therefore more TV channels for you to watch! 

A TV aerial may need repairing for various reasons and therefore it is always best to ask a professional to diagnose the problem for you, if it is not obvious.

If you need a TV aerial engineer in Brighton and Hove to repair your TV aerial why not give us a call, we will come and visit your property free of charge to diagnose the problem and supply a no obligation quote on how best to repair your TV aerial!

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