Freeview Installations For Sussex

If you would like information about having Freeview installed we can helpFreeview is a popular digital TV solution as it does not require a monthly payment or customer subscription fee. This means that once your Freeview box has been purchased and installed, that’s it - your TV system is up and running!

The way that Freeview operates is by plugging into your TV aerial, this gives you immediate access to the Freeview services. The fantastic thing about Freeview is that it gives you an abundance of channels (around fifty TV and radio channels).  Here is a list of just some of the channels you maybe able to watch via Freeview:

  • BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, BBC One HD, CBBC Channel, BBC HD, CBeebies, BBC NEWS,BBC Parliament
  • ITV1, ITV2, ITV2 + 1, ITV3, ITV4, CITV ITV1 + 1, ITV1 HD
  • Channel 4, Channel 4 + 1, More4, Film 4, 4Music, E4, E4+1, Channel 4 HD
  • FIVE, 5*, FIVE USA,
  • Pick TV, Dave, QUEST
  • Yesterday, Dave ja vu
  • QVC, Ideal World, Bid TV, Big Deal, Create & Craft, Price-drop TV, Rocks & Co 1
  • Sky News, Russia Today, Al Jazeera Eng, TV News


Additional Freeview products include;

  • Freeview Plus
    Freeview Plus gives you many options including the ability to record and pause your TV. 
  • Freeview Plus HD
    Freeview Plus HD services include; five HD BBC HD, ITV1 HD and 4HD to name but a few!


If you would like information about having Freeview installed in your property call Doddington Aerials & Satellites for your free quote!

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